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 R'fariel of Cobalt Vorganth

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PostSubject: R'fariel of Cobalt Vorganth   Sun Aug 09, 2015 4:52 pm

Player Name: SylverAngel/ Jess
Character Number: 5
Last Updated: 8-8-15


Character Name and Pronunciation: R'fariel [Ruh-FAE-ree-uhl]
Gender: Male
Character Rank: Cobalt rider
Character Age/Date of birth: 16/ (June 13, 1999)
Family: Father: Ty'riel, 52, bluerider at Eastern, brother to S'riel (father of Asteriel and Casriel)
Mother: Raffora, 38, greenrider at Eastern
Brother (half): Kezariel, 23, Candidate, White Lightning Weyr
Brother (half): Tyvaniel, 19, Candidate/ weasponsmith, White Lightning Weyr

Current location: White Lightning Weyr
Physical description:
At 5' 7", R'fariel stands a little shorter than many other males.  He still has the baby face to go with it, too, which likely doesn't help his oldest brother see him as anything but the kid Kezariel thinks he is.  Others probably think the same, despite the fact that he Impressed a cobalt, graduated from weyrling training, and now flies Thread with the older riders.

Of course, his casual appearance lends to the impression, as well.  His brown hair curls faintly around his face due to its length, almost always looking mussed.  And as far as clothing goes, comfort is what this cobaltrider goes for, not looking the part.  His leathers are usually in decent shape, though they're not as well-mended as they should be-- something his wingleader will probably always be on him to fix.

Carefree as he is most of the time, R'fariel is usually found to be smiling or laughing at something, unlike his two older brothers.  His smiles light up his blue-gray eyes.  But if he gets worked up about something, like the fact that Eastern kicked them all out, watch out-- those eyes will turn stormy in a heartbeat, the young cuteness drawn completely out of his face, to be replaced by a thundercloud of anger.

Play By: Aaron Johnson
Photo Reference: Link
R'fariel is the most outgoing and friendly of his siblings.  He loves to laugh and joke around with his classmates, or anyone else he can find.  He has no problem talking with new people, and likely found kindred souls among the smugglers-- he has no problem with their occupations, and probably asks them all sorts of questions, regardless of whether they answer or not.  He'd be perfectly willing to participate in runs, if any where to ask, too, finding the adrenaline rush of sneaking around to be all to enticing.

Usually happy and carefree, he plays hard and cares nought for formalities.  He's probably never on time to drills, no matter how many times he's chastised.  Practice just isn't that important, in the grand scheme of things-- fighting a real 'Fall is different, though.  Those, he's excited about, he knows he has a role to play, that Pern wouldn't survive if it weren't for him and his fellow dragonriders that keep it safe.  So he is on time, if not the tiniest bit early, and triple checks his equipment to make sure it's all in working order.  He's not going to take chances with Vorganth's life, or his own, even if his leathers aren't in prefect shape.  'Falls are his time to prove he's a real dragonrider, a man, not the kid everyone thinks he is.  

Then again, R'fariel is impulsive.  He readily accepts challenges, sees the giant, stray clump of Thread as something he needs to personally take care of, without help, to prove that he can.  He'll defend his brothers, and his dragon, with his last breath.  This gets him into trouble, of course, all across the board, but most of the time he has good intentions at heart.

Maybe one day in the future, when he outgrows this need to prove himself, when he takes more things seriously, he'll make a good leader, but right now, it's unlikely anyone would find him a good example for younger dragonriders.

Theme song:
The product of a greenflight, Rafariel grew up knowing his older half brothers.  They were all mostly raised in the creche, as their dragonrider parents had little time for them with Thread falling.  Kezariel, as the oldest, took charge of his younger siblings, and made sure they all at least knew they had each other.  Plus, they had cousins, too, in Asteriel and Casriel, and plenty of friends among the other children of the Weyr.

As a result, Rafariel never wanted for the love of his parents-- he didn't know what he was lacking, and got the socialization and approval he needed elsewhere.  He was always the goofball, the ham that would do something silly to cheer his older brother up.  Not that he didn't try Kezariel's patience quite often with the trouble he got into, but he was too cute to be angry with for long.

The mutant dragons appeared about a turn before he was eligible for Candidacy.  Rafariel thought they were the most awesome things he'd ever seen-- especially the cobalts.  Girl dragons weren't for him-- he was a boy!  But the dark, sleek bodies of the fierce new protectors… those were sights to behold.  And he knew one day he would ride one.

Of course, it wasn't that easy-- he didn't Impress for a few Turns, but neither did his brothers.  And even when he did, his brothers were still left Standing.  But they were proud of him, all the same-- he was their little brother, and it was clear he was destined for great things when he was chosen by one of the most ferocious dragons to date.  Rafariel had shown no fear when Vorganth prowled towards him, testing his mettle.  And it had paid off, for in the 15-turn old young man, the cobalt knew he had found a partner.

Weyrling training moved swiftly for their class-- whether it was because Eastern was already planning to send the mutant dragons off, or because they were still in a Pass and needed every able-bodied dragonrider they could get, no one but the Weyr's leadership knew.  When it was announced that the mutants would be sent to found a new Weyr, R'fariel knew it wasn't for the official reason they claimed.  He'd seen too many bad reactions to Vorganth from members of his own weyrling class, let alone from other people in the Weyr.  And he heard the rumors, heard the whispers made behind backs.  

And yet, when he knew they were going to be cast off, he hoped his classmates would defend himself and the other mutant riders among them.  But none of them stepped forward.

So R'fariel said to the Red Star with them all, and started packing his belongings.  Vorganth, along with all the other new colors, were dragons, too, regardless of their appearance.  Their instincts were to defend Pern from Thread, the same as the others.  And if someone thought the two of them were somehow… wrong for being a pair?  Then he didn't need those people.  And he didn't need Eastern.

On the night he was to leave, his brother Tyvaniel approached him and asked to go with to the new site.  R'fariel had at first refused-- Tyvaniel wasn't being thrown out, after all.  But already barred from Candidacy for being in one too many fights, Tyvniel argued that they'd thrown him out, too.  So R'fariel had agreed to return later for his brother-- they'd need Candidates for the titanium queens' clutch, after all.  And unless her rider had some objection, there was no reason Tyvaniel couldn't Stand there.

Of course, once R'fariel returned for Tyvaniel, Kezariel would't let them leave without him.  He needed to protect his younger brothers, after all.  And he could also Stand for the clutch, and give the eggs more options.

Unable to find fault in his logic, and knowing his eldest brother had nothing left at Eastern without his younger siblings, R'fariel agreed, and brought them both to White Lightning to stand for Yllaveth's first clutch.

Dragon Art credited to
Name: Vorganth
Color: Cobalt
Speech Hex Code: #6a7ad0, #203278
Impression date: P10.44.Turn's End
Physical description:
Vorganth is one of the darkest cobalts yet-- the blue that underlies his hide is almost a midnight color.  He's not as black as the new shadows, but it's a near thing in some light.  He's on the smaller end of the spectrum size-wise, but makes up for it in terms of his ferocious personality.

Vorganth came out of his egg already one of the most aggressive of his color.  Stalking his clutchmates until they backed down and deferred to his dominance, he took his time inspecting the candidates.  He prowled closer, finding great amusement in intimidating them.  But one of the boys was ready and waiting and refused to step back, regardless of how close Vorganth came.

And he knew this was the boy for him.

Almost a Turn later, the cobalt at times still seems just this side of feral.  His rider knows exactly how to handle him, though when flying 'Fall, he lets the ferociousness have free reign, so long as they are in no danger of harming another living being.  Of course, there are times R'fariel wishes he could let Vorganth do that, but that wouldn't go over well with anyone else.

Intelligent and sneaky, Vorganth knows how to utilize the shadows to hide himself, and still enjoys sneaking up on his clutchmates, or anyone else he thinks it would be fun to intimidate.

At the same time, he is fiercely protective of his home and those he considers under his charge.  His clutchmates, his rider and his siblings, their friends… the network extends far, and grows as they meet new people.

Special talents: N/A
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PostSubject: Re: R'fariel of Cobalt Vorganth   Sun Aug 09, 2015 6:17 pm

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R'fariel of Cobalt Vorganth
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