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 Wingrider Gwin and green Beniath

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PostSubject: Wingrider Gwin and green Beniath   Fri Aug 07, 2015 9:37 pm

Player Name: weyrwolf
Character Number: 9


Character Name and Pronunciation: Gwin
Gender: female
Character Rank: greenrider
Character Age/Date of birth: 17
Family: mother: Sifwen, rider of blue Epireth (deceased); father Nerig, hunter; twin sister Serin, rider of brown Torragath
Current location: Eastern/White Lightning
Physical description: Gwin has warm, light brown skin, slightly wavy brown hair, and deeply greenish-brown eyes. Sometimes cute, sometimes pretty, sometimes an utter mess, she managed to get out of quite a lot with widened eyes and a hopeful smile. She is relatively tiny, on the low side of 5', and built compact - she had to work to get strong, never the first in any speed or strength exercises in training, but after the first few months never the last. She continues to do extra work to prove how much she can carry her weight.  
Play By: Kristen Kreuk
Personality: Gwin is a lot in a small package. Bubbly, quick with a kind word, sometimes clueless about others' feelings and sometimes so empathetic it's painful, she is rarely still, rarely quiet, and feels whatever it is she's feeling very deeply and very, very obviously. She's not at all skilled at hiding anything, and in fact can often be heard talking aloud to herself to reason out what she's really feeling/thinking in the moment (thankfully once she Impressed, people could think she was just talking to Beniath. It's partly true).

She believes deeply in the people she trusts, to the point that she doesn't always (ever) bother to take a few steps back and decide if she agrees with them or not, she simply goes along, fully expecting that they're right. At seventeen, she's often sweet, sometimes sassy, rarely introspective, and would prefer everyone just be happy all the time to make the world nicer, thanks.

Theme song: "Happy," Pharrell Williams
History: Gwin had a perfectly standard Weyr upbringing. Her mother had an on-off-again affair with a hunter who worked mostly out of a particular small hold but sometimes not, and after having twins never got pregnant again. Gwin and Serin were mostly inseparable, though of course they had various fallings-out over the Turns - the biggest one when Nerin Impressed first, from one of the Weyrwoman Second's queen's clutches. It was soon after Olenath's clutch, and many weyrfolk just seemed happy these eggs, at least, were all 'normal'.

Gwin had no real opinion about 'old' and 'mutant' colors, just that her twin had Impressed and left her behind. She made a lot of poor choices over the next Turn or so, but after her sister returned from her and Torragath's first Threadfall, Gwin realized she was being an idiot and threw herself into Serin's arms.

Drama happened all around her, but she ignored it willfully. Thread was hard, and scary, and everything else should just be kind, and neat. She was bubbly, and warm, and so optimistic it was definitely painful for some people, and she determinedly kept standing, sure she'd catch up to her sister. That meant all the queen's clutches, gold and Parazath's. And sure enough, one of Parazath's clutches - her last, as it happened - sent a tiny green dragonet sidling up to her, and it was nearly two sevendays before Gwin came up for air - and then months before she could think of anything but surviving the runs and sack-throwing and lessons and obstacles they faced in training.

The Weyrlingmaster Second spent a great deal of time with her, taking a willing but not particularly strong or talented young woman and making a much stronger rider out of her. Unfortunately, the WLM2nd, whom Gwin all but worshipped, had nothing but disgust for the mutants infecting the Weyr. While Gwin never took on that depth of feeling, her teacher clearly knew what she was talking about in all things and so Gwin went along. She was never the one saying the things, but never argued with them either - go along to get along, don't waste time being upset. When it was decided the mutants would all go to a new Weyr, a bit of her was sad, but really wasn't it for the best? They could go be happy in their own place, and no one had to worry that the cobalts would keep flying all the queens and everyone could go on as normal.

Except once they were gone, it didn't feel right at all. They'd all been so angry and betrayed, and Gwin hadn't disliked any of her classmates, truly, and they were all gone and it felt...wrong.

At first it seemed like some of the dragons regretted it too, as some started to get lethargic and less willing to do things. And then it got worse. Dragons got sick, just a few, and some stories, but more dragons followed, and the news was the same from all over. No one knew what to do, and Gwin hoped ignoring it would make it better. And then her mother's dragon died, quickly followed by her mother. Beniath, healthy as ever, started to worry constantly, her hide tinged with gray.

The queens went, one by one, leaving only Olenath. Nearly all the bronzes. So many browns, then some blues and greens, and Gwin couldn't ignore it, or pretend it would get better. Serin's brown got sick, and before Gwin could think to process it, Firene and Jah'vi told them they were going, leaving, only the healthy ones....

Olenath pushed when anyone tried to hesitate, and then Gwin and Beniath were in the air above a canyon, and there was yelling, and Gwin's entire world was irrevocably changed.

Name: Beniath
Color: green
Speech Hex Code: 8ace69
Impression date: P10.44.Turn's End
Wing: (this will be assigned for you upon approval)
Physical description: Beniath is on the small side, a delicate build, and is incredibly fast. She tires quickly, usually making an hour and a half of a Fall rather than the full two hours, but she's still young, and so quick and maneuverable that she maximizes the time she's there to be sure. She is the warm, deep green of a late-spring leaf, full of promise and vibrant health, and her head is usually tilted ever so slightly - and blatantly quizzically - to the side.
Personality: She doesn't get it. People are so weird, and create so much more drama than is ever needed. Fly, fight, eat. Sleep, talk sometimes, fine. But the world is straightforward until humans make it complicated, and that is so very odd to her. She often seems to be questioning whatever is happening around her, but truly can not be bothered to really ask. She is often pleasant, her mindvoice warm and light, but she does not ponder, or worry. Beniath takes things as they are, and they flow right back over her. Until the plague - with her clutchmates gone, her balance was already off, and then wingmates and weyrmates and fellows disappeared one after the other, the losses piling up far more than the worst Fall. She couldn't shake that off - the world had ceased being simple, and had become instead confusingly terrible. Benny isn't at all sure what will happen next, and it's made her uncharacteristically hesitant.
Special talents: n/a
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PostSubject: Re: Wingrider Gwin and green Beniath   Sat Sep 12, 2015 6:28 pm

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Wingrider Gwin and green Beniath
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