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 Timeline of Important Dates

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PostSubject: Timeline of Important Dates    Tue Feb 24, 2015 11:33 pm

In order to make things easy for players as they start to create their characters, here are some important dates to keep in mind:  

NOTE: These dates are in reverse chronological order for ease of use.  Thanks.

P10.45.6.1 - Current Date (as of the beginning of play)This is the day that the dragonriders will all show up at the cave system for the first time

P10.45.5.15 - Date the Eastern Weyrleaders announced that the "mutant" dragons would be leaving the Weyr proper (but it isn't exile!  We swear it!  We're just trying to protect our bloodlines!)

P10.45.5.10 - Date of Garrah and Parazarth's death

P10.45.5.1 - Yllaveth's maiden flight.  Caught by Cobalt Gaveth

P10.45.4.28 - Yllaveth's Weyrling Class graduates

P10.44.13.Turn's End - Parazeth's 3rd clutch Hatches.

P10.44.8.16 Parazeth's 3rd flight.  Caught by Cobalt Maraxith

P10.44..4.10 Parazeth's second clutch Hatches

P10.43.12.28 Parazeth's 2nd flight.  Caught by Cobalt Maraxith

P10.43.4.15 - Parazeth's first clutch Hatches - 1 Titan Queen Yllaveth; 3 Traditional Colors; 5 add'l new colors

P10.42.13.20 - Parazeth's maiden flight.  Caught by Bronze Bryeth

P10.41.1.5 - First Mutant Dragons Hatch at Eastern Weyr  - 1 Titan Queen, Parazeth; 2 Cobalts, Maraxith and Gaveth, 2 Scarlets, 1 Quartz. Current Date (as of the beginning of play)

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Timeline of Important Dates
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