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 A Den of Golden Lions

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PostSubject: A Den of Golden Lions    Fri Aug 07, 2015 2:48 pm

S'riel- Wingsecond to Brown Jasudeth- Eastern Weyr- 57
S'riel had one goal in life. Impressed well and make his way into the coveted inner circle of Eastern Weyr's leadership. He Impressed his brown Jasudeth at the age of eighteen and now enjoys a comfortable positon as first Wingsecond to Eastern's Mid Altiture Wing. He has an ongoing casual relationship with Wingrider Castera, who is the mother of his two daughters, Casriel and Asteriel. He is shamed to the bone that Casriel Impressed one of the first mutant dragons and what dreams he had for Asteriel died when she Impressed the first Smoke dragon. Now all hope rests on the shoulders of his son, J'ril.
He doesn't want to see the mutants back at Eastern. Not now and not ever. ( Play By: Stellan Skarsgård)

Castera- Wingrider of Green Rinanoth- Eastern Weyr- 56
Castera knows one thing. Nothing is wrong with her lovely daughters and yes, it is nice to stand in the lime light of S'riels popularity. Her on and off again relationship with S'riel keeps her in a political grey area. J'ril isn't her son and she rather detests the way his arrogance has blossomed since he became the favorite. It breaks her heard that she has lost both her children to White Lightning Weyr, wishing nothing so much as for the Leadership to consider reunification.
(Play by: Cate Blanchett)  

Casriel- Wingleader of Cobalt Maraxith-White Lighting Weyr- 29
Casriel is the oldest child of S'riel and Castera. Raised on the idea that she would one day Impress a Gold Queen and rise to become Weyrwoman of Eastern, everything was turned on it's head when Casriel Impressed one of the first mutant dragons, the Cobalt Maraxith. Raised to be a strong, independent and ambitious woman, Casriel knew one thing. If she and Maraxith were going to make it in life, they had to do whatever it takes. During her Weyrling training, Casriel fell in love with the young woman who had Impressed the first Titanium queen, Garrah of Parazath. The young women grew closer and Maraxith when on to catch Parazath twice, siring two good clutches. Unfortunately, Garrah and Parazath were both lost between when an intoxicated Garrah attempted to jump Between. The exile was the final straw to break whatever tenderness Casriel had left. Now she lives to secure the Leadership of White Lightning for herself.
(Play By: Amanda Seyfried- Written by: Vivid)

J'ril-Wingrider of Brown Treyath- Eastern Weyr- 27
J'ril was the only son S'riel got on Jastri, the young creche worker who thought a popular brown rider was her ticket to a very fine Weyrmate. She didn't count on S'riel pinning his hopes on a brighter star. For turns, Jarcastil was not a blip on S'rels radar. Only when Casriel Impressed a Cobalt and Asteriel left Eastern Weyr did J'ril become his father's favorite. He is an arrogant, manipulative and hateful young man. Jealous of his sister's self of confidence and Asteriel's kind and generous nature, he will do anything to make his father happy with him. Mutants don't deserve anything. Not. One. Thing. (Play By: Bill Skarsgård-- Note: Treyath is of Parazath/Maraxith Hatching Date: P10.44.4.10)

Asteriel-Weyrling to Smoke Emanoth- White Lightning Weyr- 22
Asteriel knew nothing was going to be the same after Casriel Impressed a cobalt. Casriel came to her, framed in tears, knowing that her family would shun her. Asteriel would not and for turns kept her relationship with Casriel a secret from her father. A father that would use her for his own dreams of success. It was because of her love of her sister that Asteriel left Eastern Weyr. She Impressed recently at White Lightning Weyr's first hatching to one of the first Smoke dragons, Emanoth.
(Play By: Taylor Swift--- Written By: Vivid)

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A Den of Golden Lions
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