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 Ferrix, dragonless

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PostSubject: Ferrix, dragonless   Wed Aug 05, 2015 10:06 pm

Player Name: weyrwolf
Character Number: 8


Character Name and Pronunciation: Ferrix
Gender: male
Character Rank: former bronzerider, Weyrleader, Wingleader. Now? Just trying to survive
Character Age/Date of birth: 44, April
Family: yes, but he doesn't talk about them. Ista Weyr-bred
Current location: White Lightning
Physical description: Tall and broad-shouldered, Ferrix has dark brown eyes that can stare right into your soul, dark, usually messy hair, a square jaw, dimples that you only see when he smiles (rare these days), and is most often somewhat slouched, hands in pockets, or standing while leaning his hands on a table to lecture someone. Refuses to dress in riding leathers, though his eyes linger on them, and has an indeterminate number of interchangeable dark clothes. Well made, tailored for him, but nothing he pays any real attention to.
Play By: Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Photo Reference:
Personality: There are three distinct versions of Ferrix. There's Ferrix, weyrbred lad (fun-loving, always in trouble and out of it with a laugh, energetic and mischievous), F'rix (Impressed at 16, to bronze Mazinith, hard-working and fun-loving, dedicated to his partner and all they should accomplish, Weyrleader off and on through his thirties and up until recently), and Ferrix (serious, quick to form an opinion and slow to change it, dedicated to only one thing - the future of dragonkind). This latest, and likely to be last, Ferrix has a mission to accomplish, and a limited time to do so.  
Theme song: "I Will Follow You Into The Dark" Death Cab for Cutie  
History: Ferrix was weyrbred and raised, and fulfilled his destiny early - Impress a bronze, rise through the ranks - and well. He would prefer not to talk about it, but the truth is this: plague came, nearly every single dragon was lost, and all that was left was a small group of basically children. Children who had some promise and some spine, but children all the same.

He had led a Weyr, he had led countless Falls as Wing- and Weyrleader, and though he would prefer to forget it all and follow Mazinith, there are only. a. small. number. of. dragons. left. The riders will need guidance, whether they want it or not, for dragons to have any chance of a future - through the rest of the Pass, certainly in the interval. There is not a lot of trust for the mutant colors, but for the most part, that's what they have, and he'll do the work to ensure they're well set up for it.

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PostSubject: Re: Ferrix, dragonless   Wed Mar 09, 2016 6:23 pm

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Ferrix, dragonless
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