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 Kyabree - Rider of Scarlet Nwynth

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PostSubject: Kyabree - Rider of Scarlet Nwynth   Wed Aug 05, 2015 3:33 pm

Player Name: echonymph
Character Number: 1


Kyabree of Scarlet Nwynth

"Holy water cannot help you now
A thousand armies couldn't keep me out
I don't want your money
I don't want your crown
See I've come to burn
Your Kingdom down"

Character Name and Pronunciation: Kyabree (k-eye-ah-bree)

Gender: Female
Character Rank: Wingrider
Character Age/Date of birth: 18 (as of  P10.45.9.1)
K'brien (Kelobrien)(50) - Rider of Blue Senreith (Eastern Weyr)
Shyradee(46) - Cook (Eastern Weyr)
Brielody (22, f) rider of Green Aurayath (Eastern Weyr)
Sh’lor (20, m) rider of Brown Imioth (Eastern Weyr)
Shyorien(17, m) Candidate at Eastern Weyr
Keldesh (15, m) Candidate at Eastern Weyr
Kalabria (14, f) rider of Shadow Ohanith
Deekela (12, f)  Weyrbrat at Eastern Weyr

Current location: White Lightning Weyr
Physical description:
Hair: Red
Eyes: Blue-Green
Height : 5'6"

The first thing most people notice about Kyabree is her hair, because red hair just seems to stick out in a crowd. She has big, roundish blue-green eyes. Depending on what she is wearing her eyes can seem blue or green but there is no doubt they have some green and some blue in them. She has long dark eyelashes that curl naturally upward. Her skin is very pale. She burns more easily than most in the sun. Her body and face are freckled considerably more since Impressing as Weyrlings spend quite a lot of time outdoors. She has a wide smile, naturally pink lips and straight white teeth.

Her expressions are exaggerated. She tends to show what she is feeling easily through her face. But she also has very animated hands and moves them a lot when she speaks. Her voice is a little raspy depending on the word she says. More of a medium tone. She should probably refrain from singing though, at all costs.

Kyabree stays pretty fit since becoming a dragonrider though she had never been what you'd consider overweight, she was certainly in better shape now. She has very small curves and an hourglass shaped figure. She tends to wear her leathers most days but she isn't a stranger to wearing a nice dress. Depending on what she needs to do, she dresses for the occasion. If she is working she is in her leathers and a good pair of boots, her hair is pulled up and away from her face. When she is in a casual situation, she tends to wear loose linen like pants, with a tank top and flat slipper like shoes.  This goes as far as to her individual mood dictating what she will wear. She wears more revealing clothes when she is in the mood to flirt although generally this coincides with a proddy Nwynth.

She has a cat-like grace to her walk and tends to look like she is walking with a purpose. Kya would like to get where she is going and not waste time.

Play By: Emma Stone
Photo Reference:


Known in her family to be hot headed, she doesn't have much in the way of patience. Often her moods are quick to change but strong. Kyabree doesn't do anything half way. If she is angry, she is livid. If she is happy she is over the top gleeful. As such she isn't prone to indecision. In fact, she never waffles on anything. Kya is opinionated and isn't afraid to voice what she thinks to other people. Even people like her father who might not appreciate her views. (Or maybe especially those people)

Kyabree is not afraid of much at all. One might consider her to be daring, a little fearless or even brave. Consequences don't matter to her as long as she feels that what she is doing is the right thing in that moment. Sadly this means she can be a bit reckless and bad at considering things for the long term. Why should she worry about tomorrow when today is already so much of a mess? Kyabree can over-estimate her abilities at times and get Nwynth and herself into big trouble for it.

Cynical, she believes that anything that can happen, will happen. She will never say that 'the only way from here is up.' Things can get worse and often do. Don't expect her to cheer you up when your down when she is in a bad mood herself. Cause even in a good mood she is more likely to tell you like it is than to tell you how it could be.

Socially she is friendly for the most part. She tends to be welcoming of people who wouldn't fit in anywhere else. She likes looking out for the meek and insecure and feels a need to protect the people who need it most. Generally speaking, her friends are not much like she is as she tends to clash with really bold folk more so than those who follow her lead. However, that isn't to say she can't befriend people as opinionated as she is, especially if they have similar views on the world at large. Kya tends not to be someone to commit to relationships at this age. She is young and volatile and not ready to put in the forethought and compromise that lasting love needs.

If there is one thing she hates more than bullies and traditionalists, it is liars. Kyabree will never lie, not even a little white lie to make someone feel better. She is much more inclined to be blunt than dishonest. So she probably isn't someone you want to have around if you need a lie. If you want to hear the ugly truth then she's your girl. She also strongly dislikes criticism of herself, her life style and most especially Nwynth. Being a Scarlet isn't some great tragedy. She will get pretty pissed and start all out altercations when confronted by people about her dragon's color.

While visiting her sister working on repairing a dragon's wound, she found out she really cannot stand the smell or sight of ichor. She fainted. It was embarrassing and since then she tends to steer clear of the dragon infirmary.  

She tends to be partial to red wine and isn't one to have a sweet tooth though good luck stopping her from stealing warm fresh bread from the kitchens. Carbs ftw. She also hates red fruit but loves klah.

Her habits include swearing, scrunching her nose, raising her left eyebrow, and punching her friends in the arm when passing by.

Theme song: Seven Devils by Florence and the Machine


Born to a bluerider and his weyrmate at Eastern Weyr, she was a delightful addition to the young family. The third of seven (four girls, three boys) she found that being loud and demanding got you a certain amount of attention. She was always a child who knew her own mind. Often the one to cause drama with a temper tantrum, she got used to being the one to make a scene. Her father's punishments for her behavior were never enough to keep her from misbehaving.

She spent much of her early childhood as the one child in the family who was always in trouble. Her older siblings hated being responsible for her but they did love her. In spite of her being difficult, her whole family was quite loving. She might have been trouble but she was also very sweet when the mood struck her. She was very good with her younger siblings when they came along.

As she became older, it was made very clear that they shouldn't bother with Crafts and that they should focus on becoming riders. Her father was rather set in this belief even though their mother had never Impressed. A fact that was frequently overlooked by everyone in the family because their mother was good at what she did as a cook and raising a large family. The expectations were fairly high though considering.

Kya actually wanted to ride a dragon so the idea of a craft had never interested her as it did others of her family. She enjoyed getting into the usual weyrbrat mischief. She sprang her wrist after falling from a tree she tried to climb. Luckily she had not made it too far. People just came to expect trouble from her before she even did anything. She made a lot of friends at Eastern Weyr as a child. Some of those friendships remained as she got older and some fell away. She didn't really look into the whys and hows of most.

She did have a huge falling out with one of her male friends. They argued a lot as it was but one day things got very heated and they didn't talk at all after that.

When she was about fourteen, (P10.41.1.5) she saw the first Mutant dragons hatch. (Although barred from Standing herself due to some previous trouble and talking back etc). Her whole family was aghast it seemed. Though she found it all rather interesting and wasn't afraid to say so. Her father forbid them from Standing for mutant clutches but the Candidate Master was not going to allow them to lose dragons just because some people weren't happy about strange dragon colors.

Intrigued she learned as much as she could about the new colors and found herself telling her younger siblings about them. Kalabria, who feigned disinterest around her parents, was enraptured by the idea. She had long wanted to go into dragonhealing and had finally convinced their father that it would only help her when she had a dragon to have extra knowledge.

The Kyabree Stands with both her older brother and older sister for the next Mutant clutch though it is quite obviously against the elder two's idea to do so. Still there could be normal colored dragons in the clutch they could Impress so begrudgingly they are convinced to Stand. Kyabree is half afraid and half excited about what might happen if she were to Impress a mutated color. Meanwhile her brother Impresses the only Brown in the clutch and her sister the only Green. She is left without a dragon but she figures it is a good thing. Ugh it would suck so bad to be in a clutch with those two. Their father is quite proud, happy to know that his children's reputations are not at risk.

And then finally, it happened. Her day came. It was at Turns end, the fourth of the mutant clutches. Parazath's clutch started off pretty par for the course a mixture of mutated and non mutated colors. She was getting a little pissed, thinking once more she was going to be left without a dragon. And that was when she was proven quite wrong. Two dragons were making a bee-line her direction a green and a scarlet but the scarlet was better coordinated and could move faster. She wasn't even sure who they were looking for when, I saw you first! the exasperated scarlet's voice rang in her head, unable to control her own outpouring of emotions.  
I'm so hungry. Can we eat now? The dragonet rammed her head into her new bonded's chest. Yes, of course. It is just this way. She was in a kind of shock at first. It didn't hit her right away what had happened. She was a dragonrider. Made clear by the voice of a man asking what the dragon's name was, "Her name is Nwynth!"

After her Impression her life was infinitely better though much more complicated. Her family stopped talking to her, she was shunned by some of her old friends too. It felt kind of silly that the best day of her life could lead to so much hate. She defended her dragon's appearance to anyone who made mention of it. She was a scarlet and she was perfect.

Weyrling Training was anything but uneventful. There were such a wide range of opinions and personalities. There were people she had trouble getting along with and people whom she got along with well. That isn't to say she wasn't labeled as a trouble maker pretty early on for not following all the rules.

She wasn't close to the Leadership of the Weyr by any means but she began to hear rumors of the mutant dragons being sent away. Not long after Parazath died in "the accident". (P10.45.5.10) Apparently Garrah made a mistake while trying to Between somewhere and ended up being lost to the nothingness. Some might have said good riddance but the keening of dragons was not something to laugh at. Loss of life of any dragon was a very sad thing indeed.

They Graduated! Which was a wonderful thing considering how much work it took them. In almost the same breath they were exiled. (P10.45.5.15)The Eastern Weyrleaders announced that the "mutant" dragons would be leaving the Weyr proper and not long after they were moved to a cave system that was named White Lightning Weyr.

 Dragon Art credited to
 Name: Nwynth
 Color: Scarlet
 Speech Hex Code: 940000 d20a2e  ec3455
 Impression date: P10.44. Turns End

 Wing: (this will be assigned for you upon approval)
 Physical description: 46.3 feet in length, she is like other Scarlets, quite sleek in appearance. Her wingspan is a little large at 31.5 feet in grand total. Her hide is a crimson red with dark pink on the tips of her head nobs, the end of her maw and the under her chin. Her tail goes from crimson to darker pink in a kind of fade until reaching the tip. She has ruby colored claws.


A confident and overly so, dragon, she has no fear of pulling off aerial maneuvers that would probably be better suited to a smaller dragon. Like her rider she has a short fuse. Patience while clearly a virtue is not one of hers. She tends to be a little less emotional than her rider. Although she is known to be confrontational and extremely stubborn.

She's a survivor at heart. Brave in the face of danger yet knowing when she has gone too far. Nwynth would never do anything she thought could harm Kyabree. The two have a very strong bond and are almost overly protective of one another.  They are also of similar tastes when it comes to what people/dragons they want to be involved with. Like Kyabree, she prefers less headstrong female friends but in males she finds it to be tolerable even if it does mean she is going to get into fights occasionally.

(I'm probably going to add more to her persona as she is played)

Special talents: N/A

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PostSubject: Re: Kyabree - Rider of Scarlet Nwynth   Wed Aug 05, 2015 4:13 pm

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Kyabree - Rider of Scarlet Nwynth
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