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 V'tayn- Searchrider to Scarlet Anarath

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PostSubject: V'tayn- Searchrider to Scarlet Anarath   Wed Aug 05, 2015 2:25 pm

Player Name:Vivid
Character Number: 8


Character Name and Pronunciation: V'tayn [Vah-tane: Rhymes with Pain]
Gender: Male
Rank: Searchrider
Character Age/Date of birth: 18
Father: Ratayan- Cotholder- Eastern Hold Territory- 48
Mother: Vania- Cotholder- Eastern Hold Territory- 47
Sister: Ratiana- Cotholder- Eastern Hold Territory- 25
Brother:  Rantyan- Cotholder- Eastern Hold Territory- 22

Lover: Wingrider Kyabree of Scarlet Nwynth- White Lightning Weyr- 18
Lover: Wingrider R'fariel of Cobalt Vorganth-White Lightning Weyr-16

Current location: White Lightning Weyr
Physical description: V'tayn stands 6'0 tall and weights a neat 200lbs, a stylish mop of brown hair crowning his head. His large eyes are a soft gray-blue, framed by light brown eye lashes. His body runs muscular, lean and tall. Clearly, V'tayn has a runner's frame and he is very quick on his feet. On the back of V'tayns neck he has three linear moles. His hands are lightly calloused and scarred from Turns of hard word, both at the Cothold and at the Weyr.

V'tayn, having falling in love with Weyr life, has put a high importance on looking good. He takes very good care of his skin and clothing. He has no jewelry but carries a belt knife on his hip. He has had the knife since he was fourteen, a gift from his father.

Play By: Dalmard Londres

Personality: V'atyn came from a simple cot hold a blank slate. Upon which the Weyr carved its most beloved liberal feelings, fostering a social awareness that turned a shy little boy into a social butterfly. V'tayn is a happy, one might argue 'happy go lucky' young man. He is in the midst of his bloom of youth and therefore chases down pleasures like a wher does a wherry. The proverbial blood lust is high.

Back at the cot hold, it was always the same. Boy grows up, boy marries girl and girl has children. At the Weyr, however, things are different. Much different and V'tayn discovered that he could have a girl, he could have a boy. In one instance, he could have one of each. A committed bisexual with a wide range of sexual expression, V'tayn is never lacking for company. His inner circle consist of two of his classmates, who are also his beloved paramours. There is little V'tayn would consider doing with R'fariel or Kyabree. They are both very important to the otherwise carefree young man.

You all know what they say about violet scarlets.

So the ride was all action, the all singing all dancing show of a lifetime. There was sex, music, and freedom. Life's a party and V'tayn is the young life of it.

Theme song: "Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy" by Queen

I can dim the lights and sing you songs full of sad things
We can do the tango just for two
I can serenade and gently play on your heart strings
Be your Valentino just for you

Ooh love - Ooh Loverboy
What're you doin' tonight, hey boy -
Set my alarm, turn on my charm
That's because I'm a good old-fashioned loverboy

Vataynan was born the youngest child of a pair of espoused cot holders. The cot hold of his youth was a small place, enough land to raise animals and grow a kitchen garden. His mother taught his sister to make herself a good woman to marry, his father took him and his brother out to mind the herdbeast. It was hard work, little reward, and Vataynan felt his imagination slowly dying by the inches. It didn't help that he was also...different. He liked both girls and boys. Here Vatayn was certain he would be forced to marry a girl for land, raise children and herd beasts until he died.

One day Vataynan left with his father to go to Eastern Hold to deliver herdbeast. His brother came with him, helping drive the animals across the dusty road. It was good to be out of the cot hold and the Hold itself was exciting. Vataynan watched in fascination has a dragon suddenly swooped overhead and continued on to the Hold.

When they had arrived, Ratayan went straight to the business, taking his older son with him. Vataynan was left to occupy himself in the courtyard; he was just sixteen teen turns old.

Suddenly a shadow fell over him were he was drawing in the dirt with a stick and he dropped it in surprise. A huge blue dragon stood over him, peering at him with whirling green eyes. A man swung down from his neck.

"How old are you, lad?" the bluerider asked.

"Almost seventeen turns." Vataynan said, getting to his feet and wishing he was not half as grubby as he was.

"My blue says you are Searched. Do you know what that means, lad?"

"Sir?" Vataynan looked at him with wide eyes. It only meant one thing.

"You are fit to Stand for a dragon, lad. Come." the Searchrider held out his hand. Vataynan knew his father would never allow him to go if asked, so he took the man's hand without any hesitation. In an instant, they were gone.

The Weyr was strange and new but not unpleasant. It was near Turn's End, a clutch hardening on the sands. Not a sevenday after arriving, the Hatching happened. Vataynan was moved out with the rest of the boy candidates. A green hatched and then a quartz, the two dragon's paired off with their respective riders. Then a beautiful egg shaded in sherbert orange and pink burst open, reveling a lovely scarlet dragon enrobed in wisteria purple and guava pink. She shook the egg shells from her wings, casting about and looking for her rider. When her eyes settled on Vataynan's face, the scarlet let out a trill of pleasure.

It is you! I knew I found find you here. My darling, my own prince in the story book. I love you, Vataynan. I am Anarath!

He became V'tayn that day, bonded to the beautiful Anarath for all time. Graduation came and then, Exile. V'tayn was sad to say good bye to friends but this was yet another adventure. These were the bare bones facts. As far as the mutant/ traditional split, V'tayn remains neutral and for the most part, completely obvious to the dramas surrounding the exile.  Drama, at least kind that is serious and distracts from the V'tayns pursuit of physical pleasures are to be completely avoided and ignored. Surely, that was a good ttactic. With Anarath by he side, nothing could go wrong. Right?

Following in the wake of Yllaveth's first hatching at White Lightning, R'fariel, V'tayn and Kyabree found themselves deeply entrenched in a few bouts of drunken flirtation. One thing led to another; the next morning V'tayn lay to the one side of Kyabree as R'fariel slept on the other. From that morning on, they seemed to fall into an easy sexual triad. V'tayn has become very attached to the notion of R'fariel and Kyabree, especially when they are all together. It is on V'tayns mind often these days. No one was surprised when R'fariels colbalt Vorganth caught V'tayns Anarath. Nwynth is soon to go up and speculation is brewing as to whether she will also be caught by Vorganth. If Anarath has any problem sharing the male with her clutch sister, she hasn't shown or expressed it so far.

Dragon Art credited to NEFFS at Deviant Art

Name: Anarath
Color: Scarlet
Speech Hex Code: CC33FF, CC0099
Impression date: P10.44.Turn's End
Wing: TBD
Physical description: Anarath is a beautiful scarlet, her color a bright wisteria purple run completely through with guava pink. The color gives way to all kinds of images of candy and sweets, jam and jellies. Spun candy sugar might be the best comparison and there is not a bad mark on her.

Dead average for a scarlet, Anarath had a toned body and is a quick one in the air. Her wing membranes are a slightly lighter bubblegum pink with a drop of raspberry. Her headknobs are wisteria purple dipped in guava pink and her neck ridges continue down her spine in pure watermelon pink.  

Personality: Anarath burst free from her Endless Sunset egg in a shower of orange sherbert and raspberry cream. Such a  dramatic entrance into the world served as a good example for Anarath's flamboyant attitude. Anarath is eaten up from nose to tail with social curiousity. This means getting to know people, dragons, whers, firelizards, other animals etc. She is an extremely friendly and affable dragon, as well as polite.

Manners maketh the dragon, so to speak. Anarath puts a high price of importance on loyalty, politeness and pleasantness. She is quick to reprimand those who cannot be kind and fair, since Anarath strives in all her deals to be as kind and fair a dragon as possible. However, even this sweet creature has spice to balance her. Possessing of a razor tongue when she feels slighted,  Anarath is not to be condescended to.

Special talents: Anarath has a keen Search talent.

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PostSubject: Re: V'tayn- Searchrider to Scarlet Anarath   Wed Aug 05, 2015 4:06 pm

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V'tayn- Searchrider to Scarlet Anarath
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