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 Casriel of Cobalt Maraxith

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PostSubject: Casriel of Cobalt Maraxith   Tue Feb 24, 2015 2:51 pm

Player Name: Vivid
Character Number: 1

I have something to say! It is better to burn out than to fade away! There can be only one!

Character Name and Pronunciation: Casriel  (Cas-re-el)
Gender: Female
Character Rank: Wingleader
Character Age/Date of birth: 29/  Month 1, Day 12


Father: S’riel- Rider of Brown Jasudeth- Eastern Weyr- 57
Mother: Castera- Rider of Green Rinanoth- Eastern Weyr- 56
Half Brother: J’ril- Rider of Brown Treyath- Eastern Weyr- 27
Full Sister:  Asteriel- Weyrling to Smoke Emanoth-White Lightning Weyr- 22

Uncle: Ty'riel- Rider of Blue Sidrith- Eastern Weyr- 52
Cousin: Kezariel- Candidate- White Lightning Weyr-23
Cousin: Tyvaniel- Candidate- White Lightning Weyr-19
Cousin: R'fariel- Wingrider to Cobalt Vorganth- White Lightning Weyr-16,

Best Friend: D'kan- Rider of Cobalt Galvanth- White Lightning Weyr-21
Former Lover: Garrah- Rider of Titanium Parazath- Deceased
Former Friend: Latia- Rider of Green Kistanith- Eastern Weyr-27

Current location: White Lightning Weyr

Physical description: Standing 5’10 and delicately featured, few would guess Casriel for the passionate and motivated woman she is. Light blond hair shaded with darker gold lowlights frames her fair face and her eyes are large, framed by long eyelashes.The pupils of her eyes are a cool grey toned blue-green and seem to take in much. Lithe limbed but well trained, Casriel is taunt and muscular. A lovely woman to be sure but Casriel is no flower.

While she will wear finery at Hatchings and Gathers, Casriel is almost always in riding gear. Her pride and joy is a leather riding jacket with a cobalt dragon embroidered on the collar. Only slight scarring covers Casriel’s hands and legs; she was an active weyrbrat at Eastern. She favors cool colors, especially dark purples and blues.

Play By: Amanda Seyfried

Personality:  Deceptively calm on the outside, Casriel is a driven and passionate woman in her heart of hearts. Been denied of love from her father and having lost her lover, Casriel knows intimately how fragile life is. Better to grab it with both hands and to hell with the pain, for pain is better than feeling nothing. There is a prize out there and she wants it. Maraxith is her metronome, she keeps to his voice. Power and patience bonded together and they are an impressive pair. Casriel is weyrbred through and through, her customs and beliefs liberal and skewed in favor of the new colors.  

Though bisexual, Casriel hardly allows sex to rule her. Personal prestige pushes her to her personal best, the need to prove herself beats in time with her heart. She wants to see White Lighting thrive and therefore prides herself in knowing what is going on. This is a woman who keeps her ear close to the ground. Passion does give power but Casriel is far from perfect. She suffers from jealousy and suspicion, knowing that it is anyone’s game at this point. Her rivalry with Sidran is palpable. When her Gaveth won Br’sons Titanium queen, Casriel was in a fury. When someone gets in Casriel’s way, it sparks such a fiery fury in her. Casriel is capable of fierce love and startling rancor, crushing grief and victorious joy. Such passions are worthy of a scarlet dragon but Maraxith acts as a compass to his rider, stirring her in the right and most pragmatic direction.

Though Casriel is ambitious and working her way to the top, she has never forgotten how badly it hurt to be rejected by her father. She keeps her friends close and her enemies closer.  It is the only way to live in this brave new world. Once you have won Casriel's loyalty, you have it. Hurt her once and it will the last time you make such a mistake.

Theme song: “Don’t Put Dirt On My Grave Just Yet” by Hayden Panettiere- Nashville
           “Give Me The Prize (Kurgan’s Theme)” by Queen- It’s A Kind of Magic

History: Casriel was born of a mating flight and raised in the creche of Eastern Weyr. Her father at the time was a popular Wingrider, well on his way to becoming a Wingsecond. Her mother rode a green sensitive to potential of would be candidates. She was fostered for one of the cooks in the Lower Cavers, a woman named Jisa. Jisa also went on to adopt Casriel’s young half brother, Jacastil. Casriel was a driver little girl, always eager to learn new skills, much more than Jacastil. She was bold, unafraid of failure and she was startlingly bright. As Casriel grew older, she dreamed of becoming a dragonrider likely her parents. Everyone who fawned on her thought her determination would make her a natural rider. Casriel began to stand at the age of 14. Two turns went by and she did not Impress. Casriel did however began to make friends and rivals. Garrah, one of the other girls in the barracks, formed a fast friendship with Casriel.   During this time Casriel also attended classes and when she could, spent time visiting her father. S’riel had never really paused in his career pursuit to visit his daughter; he only recognized her by virtue of their close resemblance. There was one thing though that caught S’riels attention and that was how eager Casriel was to better herself. He saw her drive and passion. It caused the brown rider to encourage and become a steady presence in his daughter’s life. He thought she could one day Impress a gold dragon and who better to improve his standing in the Weyr than his own gold riding daughter? S’riel pressed upon Casrielth the importance of wing drills, formation, weather knowledge and firestone quality. His lessons to her were the key stones forming the foundation of Casriel’s knowledge and competence. He did plant the notion in her young head that she could Impress a dragon, likely even a queen. Fate, however, seemed to have a different path in mind for Casriel. Mind you, it was a long time coming. The turns went by and no dragon came to her. Some dragons looked and even once a green dragonet came to sniff her clothing. The green however, swung away and chose another. Time seemed to be running out. Casriel did dedicate herself firmly to her dream, rarely indulged in sexual play and never allowed herself to get pregnant. When Casriel was twenty five, she knew walking out to the Sands that day it was her last clutch. She would likely be twenty six turns old before a queen rose again. Still, she stood for that dragon clutch at Eastern Weyr. Eggs shook and sparkled in the sunlight like gems, candidate stared across the Sands with wonder and wanting in their eyes. A large egg stood near the center of the clutch, dark purple flecked in white and black. The egg gave a sudden surge as the dragon’s began to hum and fell on its side. The impact caused the egg to split open and bursting for the from ruined prison was powerfully build dragonet. He lifted his dark head and shook it, egg white running down his wings. Faceted eyes whirled in a fast rainbow in a face that was a shadowy plum black. The Cobalt dragon flicked his tail free of his egg and scanned the face of all the candidates. Casriel felt her heart drop into her cold stomach as the Cobalt’s whirling eyes settled on her. Then the dragon look away from her and reached over his shoulder to remove a fragment of egg shell. Then he turned himself around so fast and crossed to Casriel that he knocked down another girl as he past, raking her arm as he raced across the sands. Ignoring the cries of pain, the Cobalt dragon came to rest at Casriel’s feet and leaned into her leg.

I am Maraxith, Casriel. You are mine. With your fire and my ice, we shall rise together. Come, my lovely. I must feed.

Casriel could say nothing but throw her arms around the still wet male, love so powerful and deep pouring into her. He was the color of night as the last rays of light fell and his voice was a rich baritone, rumbling like distant thunder. She lead him off the Sands with a smile of pure joy but it faded as she watched her father striding away from the Sands. The look of disappointment and disgust on his face was palpable even from a distant. She wanted to call out for him to wait but Maraxith insisted he was hungry. Casriel turned away and took her dragon to feed. Though Casriel would see her mother from time to time, her father never spoke to her again. When Jacastil Impressed a turn later and to a brown just like S’riels, Casriel was crushed. Never again would the man look to her with pride in her eyes, with love only for his traditional riding son. When the time came that the mutant colors were exiled, Casriel had no reason to stay at Eastern Weyr. It hurt the young woman more than she would admit but she held tight to the love Maraxith had for her. Casriel, however, would not just slink into the shadows. S'riel would not praise his brown riding son, shun his cobalt riding daughter and then keep hold on his youngest girl child to sweeten her thoughts to riding a gold queen of Pern like he had done her. Oh, No. Casriel would not stand for it!

Casriel came to Asteriel then, tears framing her eyes and begged her sister to come with her. "We are liken unto twins, Asteriel. You are the only family that has not shunned me for what I could not control. I love my dragon but I love you too! Come with me, please."

Asteriel, kind and naive, could not stop her heart breaking for her older sister, who seemed so betrayed. Cutting all ties with her other family, Asteriel sided with elder sister. With luck and hope, Casriel hoped to encourage Asteriel to frame her mind strongly. If the younger girl Impressed a Titan, she would be a powerful card in Casriel's hand.

Casriel and Maraxith's bond grew iron strong as the went through Weyrling Training together. Maraxith had a drive, a fire in his heart that needed to burn the brightest. One night, Casriel made a decision. No one would disrespect them because they would prove themselves the best. Maraxith could rival in size and strength any brown dragon and more than a few bronzes as well. She would show them. Garrah wouldn’t stand for the poor treatment either. Casriel confided in her friend and the two girls grew close as opposition seems to close around them. It was maybe the worry of losing this close pillar of support that caused Casriel to become suspicious and jealous of Sidran, who had Impressed the only other Cobalt dragon on that Hatching day.

So Casriel bent time and will to rising through the ranks. She did extra training, she pushed aside childish games and poured over wing patterns. She studied firestone, thread fall charts, breeding records and Pernese history. Through months of hard work Casriel graduated honorably and was placed on the Weyrleader’s wing in high altitude when she was tapped for service. Maraxith, though he did not win the maiden flight of Garrah’s Titanium Queen, did go on to fly Parazeth twice after that. Casriel had a deepening love of Garrah, though that love would go on to mask Garrah’s descent into alcoholism from Casriel. In the end, Parazeth and Garrah were lost to between, their coordinates wrong from a grave miscalculation. The loss rocked the Weyr and Casriel literally fell to her knees when the news came, Maraxith howling in rage and loss unlike the Cobalt had ever uttered before. Casriel would mourn the loss of her friend and lover for turns to come but not even Garrah’s death could kill her drive. At the age of twenty four, Casriel won herself the title of Wingsecond and knew that she was on the rise. In the next five turns she would spend planning, training and scheming for a set of Wingleader's knots. She befriended her Wingleader, becoming his ever so dependable right hand. Let him think he had Casriel's blind loyalty, let him think that it was his idea that she be groomed for leadership. Casriel was charming and slowly, everything began to fall into place. Maraxith had good advice to give her when ever she felt she was losing her patience and Casriel perceived.

Casriel has nearly entered the third decade of her life and the future seems bright. She knows it is only a matter of time before Titanium Yllaveth rises to mate again and she is dead set on being Weyrleader. Even now as Yllaveth gets ready to lay her clutch, Casriel encourages her sister to be strong and praises her often. If the girl Impresses a Titan, she will thank Casriel for the wonder and what good things would come to Casriel should her sister grow to power.

Let Sidran have this rare moment, it would not last.  It is a brave new world for new dragonriders and Br’son needs Casriel’s intelligence and skill to lead the Weyr. At least, that is Casriel’s opinion and she has come to adore him from afar. What contention will spark between Casriel and Sidran when it comes to the Weyrleadership of White Lighting? It remains to be seen, for now.

Recent Events: Asteriel Impressed Smoke Dragon Emanoth at Yllaveth's Hatching.

Casriel finds a gold firelizard egg while on Sweep duty. The egg hatches and Casriel Impresses Gold Firelizard Victory.

Jasudeth, S'riels brown dragon, takes a turn for the worse the day after the Wher Hatching at White Lightning. Rinanoth and Castera stay by the pairs side but Rinanoth is also deteriorating.

Name: Maraxith (Mar-Rax-ith)
Color: Cobalt- Marazith is a deep plum shaded black from nose to tail fork.
Age: 4.5 Turns
Size:  Length- 60.5ft Wingspan: 50.5ft
Wing To be Determined

Physical Description: Maraxith was born large and this has not changed as he has matured. His is one of if not the largest Cobalt to come from Eastern Weyr and his color is rich, cool and uniform throughout his entire body. A deep plum black covers him like a shadow, his blue undertones threatening indigo in bright light. A subtle but unquestionable metallic grey cast covers him. When freshly oiled he gleams like a gem in a ladies ring. A handsome dragon without doubt; it is hard to miss Maraxith when he bursts forth from between for his slightly larger than average eyes whirle brightly in his dark skin. He has no scars or markings on his hide.

Being this large and powerful does has its downsides. So far, he has not been scored but his large size makes it hard to turn sharply in the air. Though his stamina is fit for a long Fall, it is only a matter of time before Thread lances him.

Personality: Maxarith is a problem solver and the pragmatic focal point in Casriel’s life. Where her passion runs hot, his mind is cool and contemplative. He is a competitive dragon and will move quickly to extract an action but never without thinking it over well. He is sensitive to his rider’s need to prove herself but believes they must do it with wisdom and influence. These things come slowly and so Maxarith tempers Casriel’s desire. A critical thinker as dragons go, Maxarith has a natural sense of leadership about his personality. It is easy to see that by how cool he is under pressure, he was a good choice for a Wingleader. Protocol is very important to Maxarith but he has no intention of bowing to the Traditionals that have cast them out. Through time, patience and repetition, he will level the opposition and rise to the rank of Weyrleader. Once this Cobalt has made up his mind, there are few than can stop him from achieving a particular goal.

Speech Hex Code: Metallic Cobalt Plum Fade
663366, c2cbec, 663366

Name: Victory
Color: Gold
Age: 2 Months old
Size: Length: 1.8ft Wingspan: 2.4ft

Physical Description: Victory hatched a large, healthy infant firelizard. Despite being the sole survivor of her clutch, the queen is in the peek of physical perfection. Her hide is devoid of scars and shines a bright 14k gold. A little lemony shading covers her belly and throat, looking a lot like lemon custard pie. All in all, she is a beautiful firelizard and a pleasure to look upon.

Personality: Victory is young yet but already she realizes that she is a queen. Casriel's mind reinforces the need to both protect and lead; Victory is no different. From the outset she will seek to bring all the other firelizards under her wing. She is a caring creature, capitalizing on some of her mistresses best qualities. Passionate, fiercely loyal and clever, Victory is a force to be reckoned with.

When she gets older, she will become quite attached to her bronzes and browns. Casriel hopes she will have many healthy clutches and at heart Victory is a clever, loving mother.

Image Hex Code: E7CC04

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Casriel of Cobalt Maraxith
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