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 Br'son of Titanium Yllaveth

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PostSubject: Br'son of Titanium Yllaveth   Tue Feb 24, 2015 12:07 am

Player Name: Sevillalost
Character Number: 1

Character Name and Pronunciation: Br’son (brr SON) (formerly Bryason)
Gender: Male
Character Rank: Titanrider
Character Age/Date of birth: 18
Family: Mother: Sonira, age 35, head cook, Eastern Weyr; Father: B’ryat, age 40, rider of blue Tennagith, Eastern Weyr
Current location: White Lightning Weyr
Physical description:  Br’son hasn’t quite filled out yet, but it’s not for lack of trying.  He’s a rangy 6’2”, and will eventually top out at about 220#, if he keeps his workouts up.  As of right now, though, his body has that rawboned look that teenage boys tend to get.  

His hair is a sandy blond color, and his eyes are a clear, light blue.  He tends to wear darker colors, and prefers wearing riding gear above just about anything else.  

His facial expressions are quite animated and, left to his own devices, Br’son would normally be laughing and smiling most of the time.  The sudden reality and responsibility of his position in life has, however, started to make him more serious than his natural inclination.  

Play By: Jake Abel
Photo Reference: http://imgur.com/jO9nPMD

Personality: No one, in a million Turns, would have picked Br’son as the rider of a Titan queen.  Not because he lacks strength of will, necessarily, it’s just that he’s never really had to demonstrate it.   Before Yllaveth exploded into his life, Bryason had pretty firmly established himself as the class clown among his peers at Eastern Weyr.  He was always laughing, always finding humor in every situation.  His quick wit and intelligence made him a thorough student of human nature, and his humor would often hold quite an edge.  For this reason, he tended to be popular among the boys of his acquaintance, and he would occasionally use his scathing wit to bully those boys of less confident demeanor, particularly where physical sports were concerned.  

Growing up in a Weyr, Bryason saw relationships of all kinds come and go, but he was certain of one thing from the time he was very, very small.  He liked girls.  A lot.  As he matured into his late teens, he began to fancy himself quite the ladies’ man.  And the evidence backed him on this.  Young women loved his blond good looks and his humor.  He learned at an early age how to turn on the charm when it benefited him, and he used this to gain the attentions of quite a few women.  This marked preference for females led to a bit of confusion on his part when he Impressed not only a female dragon, but a rising queen!  However, Yllaveth’s first mating flight paired him with the female rider of a Cobalt dragon, and so, for now, he hasn’t had to face the awkwardness of waking up with someone he’s not actually attracted to.  

That wasn’t the only worry that queenriding brought to Br’son.  Now that he and the other riders of “mutant” dragons have been outcast, people have been looking to him for leadership and direction.  In a tiny, private part of his mind, Br’son is terrified of letting everyone down.  For this reason, he leans heavily on the advice of Yllaveth’s rider’s mate, Sidran of Cobalt Gaveth.  Like most of the others, he’s angry at what the traditional dragonriders have chosen to do, and would love to see them gain their comeuppance.  However, survival takes priority, and with Yllaveth growing more and more egg-heavy every day, all of his youthful energy is focused on making their new home work.  

Theme song: GDFR - Flo Rida

History: Bryason was born as a result of an on-again/off-again romance between one of the cooks at Eastern Weyr, and a brownrider with a reputation as a Ladies' Man.  He has several half-siblings on his father's side, but he's never been close to any of them.  

Like most Weyr children, Bryason was raised primarily in the creche, though his mother took a very active role in his parenting.  By and large, his childhood was pretty idyllic.  He grew up knowing both his parents, knowing he was loved (even if in a rather offhanded manner by his father) by both of them, knowing that he'd always have a comfortable place in this world as a valued member of the Eastern Weyr community.  Even if he never Impressed a dragon.  Though he was certain he would do so.  

Bryason began Standing for Impression at age 14.  For two Turns, he was left Standing, but he didn't worry overly much about it. Everyone said that it was best when dragons Impressed older boys anyway.  Privately, he had hopes that he'd Impress a bronze one day, and go on to compete for Wingleader and Weyrleader honors.  He thought that he'd be good in a leadership role, especially since he almost always found himself leading his peer group.  In his head, it would be easier to assume that role early on in Weyrling training if he were more mature at the start, so he didn't get his knickers in a twist about not Impressing right away.
Shortly after Bryason began Standing for Impression, Eastern Weyr started producing its "mutant" dragons.  Like most candidates, Bryason was torn on the issue of the new colors.  On the one hand, they seemed healthy, and more dragons could only be a good thing.  The Scarlets, in particular, seemed destined to fill a needed role within the wings.  He also thought it would be interesting to Impress a Cobalt dragon, especially when it became apparent that they would definitely compete with their Bronze brothers for leadership positions.  In fact, the one possibility he never considered was that he might, actually, Impress one of the new Titanium queens... but that's exactly what happened.  

Overnight, Br'son's entire life turned upside down.  He was suddenly marked for leadership, all right, but it wasn't at all the type of leadership role he'd envisioned.  Instead of leading the wings in Threadfall one day, he'd be stuck sitting on the Hatching Sands, waiting for eggs to harden.  And he was a man!  Who liked women!  How was he supposed to handle riding a queen dragon, when such a thing had never happened before?  

Luckily for him, Yllaveth was worth all the uncertainty.  In fact, Yllaveth was worth any amount of trouble, or heartache, or awkwardness in finding himself waking up after a mating flight next to another man.  She was perfect, in every way.  Almost immediately, Br'son found that he couldn't imagine how he'd ever existed without her in his head.  She completed him.  

Thanks in part to the closeness of their bond, the two of them did fairly well in Weyrling training, despite the fact that the Weyrling staff and the Eastern Weyr queenriders seemed unsure how, exactly, to handle him.  As a male queenrider, would Br'son be expected to handle the domestic duties that queenriders usually assumed?  No one seemed really sure, but Yllaveth hedged her bets and encouraged her rider to learn everything that he could.  Knowledge, reasoned the young Titan queen, could only be beneficial, after all.  

In time, the two of them graduated from training with the rest of their Weyrling class.  As if on cue, Yllaveth rose to mate the next day, and was caught by Cobalt Gaveth.  Gaveth was one of the original two Cobalt dragons, and his rider, Sidran, was both tough and smart.  Not to mention beautiful, at least in Br'son's eyes, though he's been uncharacteristically shy in telling her so.  Br'son would like very much to establish a romantic relationship with Sidran, but he's somewhat intimidated by her greater age and experience.  Plus, she's just so good at everything she does, she's just naturally intimidating to him.
About a sevenday after Yllaveth's maiden flight, tragedy struck Eastern Weyr in general, and the tiny community of "mutant" riders in particular.  Garrah, the rider of the first titan queen, Parazeth, had a tragic accident and went between without proper coordinates.  Rumor flew through the Weyr that Garrah had been drunk at the time, as part of a rage- and bitterness-fueled bender brought on by what she saw as the Weyr's unfair treatment of the new dragon colors.  

With Parazeth and Garrah gone, Br'son and Yllaveth were left to resume the de facto leadership of the "mutants".  But before Br'son could even wrap his head around this, the Weyrleaders of Eastern Weyr made an announcement.  In an attempt to keep the dragon genome "as pure as possible", the "mutant" dragons and their riders would be moved away from Eastern Weyr.  A small cave system with geothermal activity had been selected as an appropriate site for a small Weyr, and that was where they'd go.  Any of Yllaveth's offspring that Hatched "normal" colors would be welcomed back to Eastern as soon as they could be flown there, but any who exhibited the new phenotypes would be forced to stay.  Of course, the Eastern Weyrleaders made a point of saying that this wasn't an "exile" per se, it was just an effort to keep the bloodlines strong.  The hope was that if Yllaveth could only mate with other "mutations", the resulting offspring would be fewer in number than otherwise.  

Br'son was, predictably, incensed by this announcement. However, he was still reeling from the shock of losing Garrah, and the sudden realization that he was now responsible for the well being of all of these dragons and their riders.  So he didn't say much about it until the "mutants" were escorted to their new "home" on the Black Rock River and left there with naught but each other and a pile of supplies.


Dragon Art Template credited to VenusRain on DeviantArt

Name: Yllaveth (ILL a veth)
Color: Titanium
Hex Code: 91aac7, 363d96, ececf8: Icy blue grey fade

Impression date: P10.41.3.23
Wing: unknown right now

Physical description: Yllaveth is long and sleek, her muscles lean rather than bulky.  Her wings aren’t wide, but they are long from shoulder to fingertip, and they’re a lovely translucent shade of her overall blue-grey appearance.  Her hide is largely uniform, with the exception of darking shading on her face, her claws and feet, and the fork of her tail.  Her eyes are slightly larger than is truly proportional for her face, and her muzzle is rather more pointy than most dragons.  

Personality: Yllaveth gets what Yllaveth wants.  This is such a truism in her mind that she cannot even admit to any other possibility.  Whether through the brute force of her will, or through cunning and persuasion, she will always win out, one way or another.  

By and large, Yllaveth prefers to operate under the fiction that she’s sweet and kind to all.  Somewhere along the line, she picked up the concept of a “perfect lady”, and she tries her best to project this image.  However, she has never been shy about making her displeasure known, and her wrath is a fearsome thing to behold.  

Like her rider, she is somewhat infuriated with the way that she and her compatriots have been treated.  But also like her rider, she’s practical enough to concede that survival must come first.  Privately, she relishes the idea of being the only (and future senior) queen to this ragtag bunch of misfits.  If she could have chosen to leave on her own, she would have jumped at the chance.

However, being cast out like they were somehow inferior was NOT acceptable in the least.
Special talents:None.

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Br'son of Titanium Yllaveth
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