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 Jah'vi of Bronze Nolinth

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PostSubject: Jah'vi of Bronze Nolinth   Mon Jun 15, 2015 6:05 am

Player Name: Apollotrigger
Character Number: 6

Jah'vi, rider of bronze Nolinth

Character Name and Pronunciation: Jah'vi (Jahnavi) Hauvee
Gender: Male
Character Rank: Bronzerider
Character Age/Date of birth: 21 Turns / 12.02.95
Family: Navimia, mother, rider of green Ashiath at Eastern Weyr ; J'halan, father, Wingleader and rider of bronze Moreleth at Eastern Weyr
Current location: White Lightning Weyr
Physical description: Jah'vi is a good looking man, and he knows it. He flaunts it. He wallows in it. He'd make love to himself if he could. He has thick, black hair with curl that he keeps just long enough to brush his eyebrows. His eyes are as blue as the sky, and have wrinkles around them at even this young of age from his constant smiling. He's only 5'10" and a bit slender, but makes up for it with a dedication to his body that borders on insanity. He works out constantly to maintain the muscles, and he likes to show them off. There isn't a pound of fat on his body.

Clothing is his favorite thing ever. He's one hell of a snazzy dresser. He gets his riding leathers in matching sets, and has a personal tailor who knows what colors look best on him (red, turquoise, and silver btw), his fit and tastes. His wardrobe is bursting at all times, and he rarely wears the same outfit within a two month period. He's also fastidious about their cleanliness; he'll change his entire outfit if he gets a stain on his tunic. His favorite piece of clothing is a burgundy riding jacket he gave himself as a present after graduation: it matches everything and really makes his eyes pop.

He always has a huge grin on his face, and practically bounces when he walks. Despite the slightly immature outbursts he still carries himself with a confidence that broadcasts for all to see. He wears a golden band his father gave him on his Impression, engraved with the date of Nolinth's hatching.
Play By: Brendon Urie
Photo Reference:
Personality: Two things Jah'vi almost always has: a grin and a drink. He's a joker, a prankster, a partier, the class clown... anything for a smile. He'll even resort to physical comedy to get a laugh. His sexuality is fluid, as is his behavior regarding it. He comes off straight most of the time, but he can flame it up when he feels like it. He's snarky, rarely missing the opportunity for a smart ass remark, and can be counted on to playfully pout when he has to work or doesn't get his way. Despite the silliness and partying he gets his job done, and he does it extremely well. Though he may complain about being assigned flame stone duty, but you can guarantee it'll be done efficently and safely. He's in the stage of proving himself worthy of a leadership position, but he refuses to give up his carefree attitude.

When it's work time, the playful Jah'vi disappears and is replaced by a serious young man who has studied everything he as allowed to touch. He enjoys reading greatly, and as soon as he was old enough be convinced the harper to let him study on his own. Even now he finds time to pour over records and histories, continuing his education in everything dragon and Weyr related. He's also incredibly neat. His quarters are organized, with nary a piece of clothing or dish sitting about. The decorations are tasteful, chosen more for comfort and company, but fastidiously clean. His definition of clean and safe riding straps can drive some people insane.

All of the energy in the Weyr seems to center on Jah'vi. He's always in a good mood, and he's always ready to throw drinks back with whoever suggests. His tolerance is legendary, as are his appetites for companions. He has no preference as to female or male, except that he would prefer both at the same time. He makes it clear that he is not interested in a serious relationship, however, and never leads anyone on. His boyish charm and never say die attitude usually gets him what he wants in many aspects of his life. He's a natural born leader, having had his Wingleader father very present in his life growing up and his general friendship dynamics. His sudden elevation of status, plus losing his parents, brought a sadness to him that has yet to be lifted. He focuses on the needs of the Weyr and making sure that the two Weyrs work together.
Theme Song: Don't Threaten Me With a Good Time - Panic! At the Disco
History: Jah'vi's parents weren't weyrmated, but neither of them had any other children so he was doted on from both sides. His mother took extra leave from her wing to nurture him, and his father constantly sprung him from the creche to have him watch wing practice and go for rides on his dragon. It was little wonder that Jahnavi became dragon crazy at a young age. He got in trouble several times before he was even 10 Turns for sneaking onto the Sands to ogle hardening eggs with the older boys. He constantly tagged along with the older kids, and when he wasn't with him he was the cool kid who was friends with people who wouldm't notice his own age group. He was laid back enough not to take advantage of his fellow children... he just made a mental note.

J'halan's Moreleth deigned to speak to his rider's son at a young age, and Jahnavi knew immediatey he would Impress and he would Impress as incredible a bronze as his father's. As soon as he was old enough he had the Weyrharper and his father teaching him about wing formations, types of Thread Fall, and the importance of remaining seperate if you wished to be a leader. Jahnavi was far too outgoing of a person to follow that advice, which might explain why it took him so many Turns to Impress. Being banned from standing from several hatchings for shenanigans didn't help, I'm sure. He was nearly 19 when Nolinth hatched alongside titanium Yllaveth and finally picked him. As one of the metallic riders from the clutch he took on a leadership position, and worked particuarly well with Br'son. Usually the type to be attracted to anything that moved, Jah'vi was able to keep his relationship with Br'son completely platonic.

When shortly before their graduation it was announced that the 'mutant' colors were being sent away, Jah'vi was one of the loudest voices against the idea. It drove a wedge between him and his father for the first time in his life: J'halan was against the mutated dragons and refused to allow them to fly in his wing. Jah'vi, though, had Impressed with them. They were his classmates, his friends, and his family forever.  He continued to be a loud voice of dissent until the dragons started to die.

Before Jah'vi could blink, he was a Wingleader, then Weyrsecond, then defacto Weyrleader as the oldest living bronze. He watched most of the riders in Eastern die, and did his best to keep the wings in the air during Threadfall. One night, Firene told him to take the dragons from the mutated clutches, who were incidentally the only ones that had not fallen ill. Those that refused or couldn't leave Eastern, Jah'vi had to make the difficult decision of taking the healthy dragons to White Lightening.

He was looking forward to relaxing, to recovering from the losses he'd endured at Eastern, but as the eldest bronze he was promoted to Weyrsecond. He takes his job seriously, and tries to foster a good relationship with the two groups of Weyrfolk, but is worn down by the pain.

Dragon Art credited to unknown for art, Ellie Amos for color
Name: Nolinth
Color: Bronze
Speech Hex Code: #ff6500 to #e9b788
Impression date: P10.43.4.15
Wing: (this will be assigned for you upon approval)
Physical description: Nolinth is long, slender bronze. Not the largest specimin of bronze, but his length is surprising. His hide is a deep bronze that fades into almost incadescent taupe at the edges of his wings. He has no damage on himself, yet. His length and compact size make him incredibly quick and manueverable for a bronze.
Personality: Nolinth is the perfect match to his rider. He's silly, plays pranks, talks to anyone and everyone who will listen (not that they have a choice; Jah'vi has been working on getting Nolinth to be a little less chatty), and loves to play. He's a gentle giant, letting the weyrbrats climb on him like a jungle gym and enjoying the attention. He's a bit of an attention whore in fact.. he will take every chance to make himself the center of attention, the same as his rider.

When it comes to work he's exactly like Jah'vi too. He's as well versed in wing formations and Thread charts as his rider, and the pair practice more than most realize. He's a proud bronze, having already caught several greens. The pair have practiced flying skills to the point where they're one being in the air. He pushes the other dragons in his wing hard, expecting them to keep up with him. Faranth forbid the Wingleader have an off day, because to Nolinth off days are just admittedance of weakness.

Despite the playfulness and the work ethic, Nolinth is a comforting, loving dragon. Not many get to see the softer side of the bronze; that's reserved for Jah'vi and close friends who are upset. If you're quick you might catch Jah'vi wrapped up in blankets and cuddled between his dragon's front legs. Of course, the moment Nolinth noticed you, he would cause his rider to fall in the most amusing way possible. He can't let anyone know he's really a big old softy.
Special talents: Very fast and manuverable for a bronze

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PostSubject: Re: Jah'vi of Bronze Nolinth   Sat Sep 19, 2015 11:51 am

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Jah'vi of Bronze Nolinth
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